“Chicago Diamonds is clearly trying to take advantage of consumers’ desire to shop online. While there are always new schemes using technology to perpetrate fraud, my office will continue to protect consumers.”,the fraudulent practice of “Cyber-Squatting” occurs when a business registers a domain name, or Web address, similar to that of its competitor to increase traffic on its own Web site and away from the Web site of its competitor.RMT

Named as defendants are Chicago Diamonds, Inc., doing business as Diamonds Chicago, and the company’s president, Michael Kelly,the lawsuit charges the defendants with violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act and the Illinois Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.
“This lawsuit will help to ensure that holiday shoppers looking to buy a gem online won’t find themselves on a counterfeit Web site,” Madigan said.
Madigan said her office’s Consumer Protection Division received complaints from 10 Chicago-area jewelry stores alleging copycat Web addresses had been created to divert traffic away from their Web sites to the Chicago Diamonds site,the lawsuit asks the court to prohibit the defendants from continuing their deceptive practices and further violating Illinois’ consumer protection laws.
In this case, Madigan contends that Chicago Diamonds usually only added or subtracted a single letter from the legitimate domain names of its competitors.
Perpetrating a scheme known as “Cyber-Squatting,” a Chicago jewelry store targeted consumers seeking to do business with its competitors by registering several Web addresses that mimic and are almost identical to the Web addresses of other local jewelry stores,if an online shopper accidentally misspelled or mistyped another Chicago jewelry store’s Web address.
As we know that ,jewelry industry is quite hot these years.With the online Christmas shopping season in full swing, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing a Chicago area jewelry store that she says unfairly took business away from its competitors and deceived online shoppers by using copycat Web addresses to redirect consumers from their intended Internet destinations.

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get more profit in different time

What that means is that margins will dramatically increase in the short run for the next few quarters, and if you are to buy shares of this stock now and sell it before the March earning results poor in, you should see a healthy profit in your portfolio.
As the labor force increases, more consumers are going to be granted employment which will result in a higher overall domestic income for America, with a fairly good fundamentals, a strong presence over its competitors, and a favorable economic situation to feed upon, I would not be hesitant to take a short term risk in locating some luck with Tiffany.
However, as the economy is always rapidly changing, and as the happy Christmas season turns into a dreaded long winter, I would start to be wary about owning shares of this company past the spring months of 2007,Dennis Biray presents advice on all kinds of topics ranging from finance and investing to fitness to sports.
Since most Americans utilize a process of a negative savings rate, there is a good chance, relative to most years, consumption of luxury goods such as jewelry will increase in large margins especially during this holiday season,thus with the holiday shopping season approaching rapidly, as an investor, the best gift you may give yourself this year is not a ring from Tiffany, but shares from Tiffany.
However, as such an favorable economic foundation remains strong now, because there is still slowing down in many parts of the overall economy, such growth should not sustain all of next year, and it would not be wise to hold on to this company past June 2006,as I mentioned, the unemployment rate, currently at 4.4%, remains at one of the lowest numbers of all time. What that means for shareholders of Tiffany can be examined by the consumers who are obtaining these jobs.
Because the holiday shopping time closely approaches, and the economy near or actually beneath its natural rate of unemployment, luxury companies such as the jeweler Tiffany & Co (TIF), start to seem conspicuously enticing.

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Jewelry shopping Scams

I placed an order on the ShopNBC website. I received an online confirmation that my order had been placed, plus I received an e-mail dated 10/20/05 thanking me for my order.
Four days later I received an e-mail indicating, “due to overwhelming popularity the product is no longer available” I was further advised that my order had been changed to a waitlist order and that they expected to receive the product in their warehouse within the next 37 days.
Damages: There is no economic damage to report, just my annoyance at the lack of integrity and professionalism of ShopNBC. If ShopNBC had no intention of reordering the item and therefore there was no prospect that I would receive the requested item, a more honest response than “waitlist” would have been appreciated.
One would think that with today’s technology that ShopNBC would be better equipped to manage their inventory, the lack thereof or at least update their website to show the item was no longer available.
I purchased a Vivitek 56″ DLP RPTV from Shop NBC. The delivery company (Home Direct) is unable to figure out, after 17 days, where the item is or when it is going to be delivered.
The $300 rebate offer is to expire in two days, but since I don’t have the merchandise, I have no serial number, no receipt, no answers, and I’m unable to cancel. Shop NBC’s “system” is down, so I cannot get information from them to comply with rebate.
Damages: No resolution, no answers and no real help, just polite lip service.
Purchased $10,000+ in jewelry from Shop NBC only to find that many of the pieces were not as described. The diamonds were not the quality as stated on the site and by host. Major stones were cracked, broken and even missing when they arrived.
I have been in contact with Shop NBC for over 6 weeks now and have had 2 independent GIA gemologists provide them a written report (their requirement, but at my expense) but Shop NBC says “they see no problem” – the case is closed.RMT

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