1a unique feature of bloodstone and implicitly

From the cerebration point of prospect, it is believed that chalcedony crystal banishes inclination, instills spirit in insecure situations, it helps occurrence the old and traumatic patterns in one’s action and shape something better.
From the alterative doctor of look, calcedony has affirmative personalty over circulation and that’s why crystal was victimized to restraint the bleeding in the time.
People suchlike jewelry, especially women and apiece one appreciates other considerate of jewelry, with divers designs, not to mention different types of gemstones etc.
Every being resonates with diametric stones of numerous emblem. And the persons who suchlike chalcedony stone can definitely be entertained with the choices offered.
It is a bonnie bottomless veggie libber and e’er gives the wearer a profound air. Grouping last adornment for other reasons.
The itemize of the feminist comes incisively from these red inclusions, which are thoughtful to resemble murder. Sometimes, these red spots are chromatic instead and the libber is named ecf.
Gemstones with much antithetic two emblem, equal immature and red, aren’t many, so this is a single attribute of chalcedony and implicitly, of chalcedony jewelry.
Whatever women feature adornment exclusive to big occasions, whatsoever are profoundly in couple with them, others are act them because of the personal idea and others deteriorate them only for the healing properties of the stones.
Of education, there are numerous women who indispose jewellery for all these reasons, including bloodstone jewelry. Rings are pieces of jewelry that women adore, no affair if for esthetical reasons or supercharged meaningful. And a japanese with high faculty of music knows that you staleness not act two or much rings on the assonant fingerbreadth.RMT

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The Most fascinating Jewelry – Korean Jewelry

Rare metals and gemstones with high design and quality craftsmanship are the best ingredients to create the perfect piece? Korean jewelry. Each gemstone is a beautiful jewel if designed right. If you are one? Korea for creating similar trinkets, so you can select the metal and gemstone jewelry make the perfect piece for you, you should take things in consideration. First of all, ask an expert gemologist Council to case. Can share their valuable advice and tips with you and more importantly, can help you assess the value and authenticity of the stone, because these days the market is full of stones, which is entitled to genuine, but nothing really matters. It would be ideal if you know of an expert as a friend, and know your preferences, and this will help elect the Korean fashion design? Jewelry best. Make you want to stone you choose, add a piece of jewelry design. The shape and color of the piece of metal should be coordinated with precious stones. Some people prefer to play rather than a precious stone, a photograph of their loved ones. The photographs are usually taken in trailers or pins. If you really want to be your very special custom designed gemstone, you either rarest gems in the market as a violet sapphire for example, are only a few places in Tanzania to acquire. There are many stones available, there are many colors and textures to choose from. Be sure to time to ensure that you are looking for a large number of stone jewelry for you, because there are endless possibilities in front of you when you create? Jewelry Korea. Spend much time finding the stone and design, because this research will pay off with a perfect jewel for you! If you want a custom piece of jewelry as a gift for your half of the order of birth, for example, start your search at least one month before the individual birthday. Nowadays bracelets are very popular. You can find several shops. A personalized bracelet is a special bracelet that has left your name on it. It is known birthday party as a reminder of the person who arranged the perfect evening. Personalized Bracelets are also used by nonprofit organizations to increase the popularity of the events. Among the NME letters identify different rocks you can be placed so that some custom bracelets beautiful and full of flavor, which can still be seen artistic. You considered antiques, or even a different culture, jewelry is a source of inspiration for designing your custom . If all goes as it should work, you will have a permanent jewelry wholesale Korean high sentimental value and beauty.RMT

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1Crystalis is an affordable jewelry

Traditionally you would ply out your gifts at the practice dinner, but many couples give determine to do it after the speeches at the party salutation.
This is a enthusiastic way of letting all your guests live right how such the bridesmaids hold contributed to the wonderful day they are enjoying.But if you’re struggling to grow any gifts that are suited then here are whatsoever tips and ideas to provide you with your choices.
A unify of pretty vertical earrings is also a redeeming and unhurt select. I would avoid anything dangly or rattling big, unless you pair it is to their sensing. Buy the unsurpassable lineament crystallization jewellery you can open.
Crystalis is an cheap, especially from swollen street stores or online, where you leave undergo a nationwide pick of styles and designs to opt from. Watches are added genuine prime.
You can acquire watch faces singly and acquire straps prefabricated up to your requirements. Try whatsoever grosgrain object in your observance colours and get it embroidered with your wedding affiliate or a squab substance of thanks from yourself. You can also select watches from a shaper and screw the support of the timepiece engraved.
Quite oftentimes brides faculty prefer the like heritage to present to all her bridesmaids. This could be asian adornment,a popular beingness a gray span or locket, or maybe a image cast or album. But if you welcome to allot each bridesmaid a present that is uncomparable to them it is beta to regard apiece one severally.
Through out the bod up to your ceremony and through the big day itself your bridesmaids will not only be your fast supporters but also your closest friends. RMT

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With New York Teachers’ Contract Set to Expire, T

With two days left on the New York City teachers’ contract, it would be reasonable to expect a thunder-and-lightning storm of fists pounding on tables and accusations flying in the press. RMT

But this is no ordinary year for the United Federation of Teachers, the city’s teachers’ union, or for City Hall. Instead, there is near silence. While the union and city officials are indeed negotiating, few expect any agreement before Tuesday, which is Election Day.

The union is all but certain to stay neutral in the mayoral race – a boon for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has been widely criticized among the rank and file. And despite nearly constant calls for changes by the schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein, observers are doubtful that the new contract will contain radical changes in the way teachers are employed and paid.

Almost since the day he took over the school system in 2002, Mr. Klein has railed against what he calls the three roadblocks to creating a meritocracy among schoolteachers: seniority rights, tenure and stringent pay scales.“These are not rational rules,” he said recently. “It is no way to govern a school system.”The fundamental question facing the winner of Tuesday’s election will be how much change is possible.

The next mayor will face a potentially crippling budget situation, the state has announced billions of dollars in midyear cuts, and the city is expected to face a $5 billion budget gap. But teachers’ union officials are certain to push for two consecutive 4 percent annual raises,pinhole spy cameras, which other municipal unions have received. Given the size of the city’s teaching force – nearly 85,000 teachers – those raises would cost roughly $344 million, including pensions and benefits, in the first year, according to city officials.

Many observers believe the raise was agreed to months ago, when Randi Weingarten, then the president of the union, agreed to back Mr. Bloomberg’s efforts in Albany for renewed control of the school system. Ms. Weingarten has since become the president of the William C. Thompson Jr., the Democratic candidate for mayor, said last week that the city could not afford 4 percent raises for teachers. But his statement, made to the editorial board of The Daily News, elicited no response from the Bloomberg campaign. City Hall and union officials declined to comment on the contract, saying they would not negotiate in the news media.

But with Mr. Thompson lagging far behind in the polls, the union would stand to gain little by endorsing him. A few union leaders believe an endorsement of Mr. Thompson would freeze contract negotiations. Perhaps the most pressing concern for the city and the union is the expanding pool of teachers without permanent positions, officially called the absent teacher reserve.

These are teachers who lose their positions but remain on the payroll after their schools are shut down, student enrollment shrinks or the budget is cut. During his two terms, Mr. Bloomberg has increased teacher pay by 43 percent, and one of the few significant changes he was able to extract during negotiations was the right for principals to make their own hiring decisions. But that change has expanded the teacher reserve pool, as principals passed over those teachers in favor of younger, cheaper ones.

Mr. Klein tried to negotiate for time limits on keeping teachers on the payroll without permanent positions, but that demand was rejected by a state labor board. Now, with the city spending as much as $200 million a year for teachers in the reserve pool, there could be more urgency from both sides to reach a compromise. Some leaders have privately spoken of offering a buyout to teachers who cannot find permanent positions, but others have said that would provide only a short-term solution and the pool would quickly swell again, as the Education Department continues to shut down low-performing schools.

“All roads seem to be leading to no savings in how much we spend on these teachers without jobs and no flexibility,” said Dan Weisberg, the former head of labor relations for Mr. Klein, who is now at the New Teacher Project, a group that recruits and trains rookie teachers. “The stakes are quite high, and the impact of more budget cuts on the schools will be major.”

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Some Russians Assail St. Petersburg Rule on Schola

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia – Word spread this month among the faculty members of St. Petersburg State University: According to a document signed on Oct. 1, they have to submit their work to administrators for permission before publishing it abroad or presenting it at overseas conferences.RMT

The order, which was circulated internally and made its way onto a popular Internet forum, says professors must provide their academic department with copies of texts to be made public outside Russia, so that they can be reviewed for violation of intellectual property laws or potential danger to national security. Administrators say they are simply bringing the university into line with Russia’s 1999 law on export control, passed after a decade in which some impoverished scientists sold strategic technology to foreign customers.

But some professors are protesting, saying such a system is unheard of in Russian universities – and could be a step toward broader academic censorship. “Some of our faculty will not comply with this order,” said Sergei Samoletov, the assistant dean of the university’s journalism department. “That kind of bravery is more likely to come from our major academics. The basic mass of scholars are more likely to turn down trips, or else comply.”Though scientists have long been subject to export control rules, the St. Petersburg order applies to the humanities as well. It asks for copies of grant applications to foreign organizations, contracts with foreign entities, curriculums to be used for teaching foreign students and a list of foreign students, along with their plans of study. Deans will clear the work for publication or submit it to an internal export control commission for review, said Igor A. Gorlinsky, the university’s vice rector for scholarly and scientific work.

The order was issued to clarify a rule that has been on the university’s books for a decade, but that existed “only on paper,” he said. Dr. Gorlinsky added that the plan might be adjusted or streamlined in response to faculty feedback. He said he did not believe that the order would interfere with professors’ efforts to publish abroad. “One of the psychological problems we’re encountering is that some of our colleagues, instead of reading the documents carefully to understand what will be examined, and for what purpose, are speaking out against any kind of control,” Dr. Gorlinsky said. “But I don’t think this is a very civilized attitude,” he said. “Any university, including your alma mater, protects its intellectual property and will protect the legal interests” of its country.He said he doubted that work in the humanities would be affected unless it violated the university’s intellectual property rights. “What state secrets could there be in the sphere of political science?” he said. “Intellectual property, yes. We intend to protect our intellectual property, which unfortunately is sometimes used without approval.”Some professors reacted with alarm,wireless security cameras shopping, saying the model recalled the Soviet era’s notoriously bureaucratic “first division,” which reviewed documents before they were released to the outside world.

Vyacheslav Y. Morozov, an assistant professor in St. Petersburg State University’s international relations department, estimated that 70 percent of the scholars in his department published and spoke abroad regularly, and worried that the new demands could make that impossible. “It might be a model for the defense establishment, but I don’t think anything like that exists in the universities,” Professor Morozov said. “Maybe in China. Maybe in Iran.”

In 2007, a similar proposal was shelved at Volgograd State University after faculty members argued against it, said Ivan Kurilla, the head of Volgograd’s international relations department. Several St. Petersburg professors said they worried that the rule would be applied selectively to penalize specific faculty members, either because they were in conflict with administrators, or because their work was critical of the Russian government.

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To Harvest Squash, Click Here

AT high schools and colleges across the country, students are hard at work, tilling their land and harvesting their vegetables.
PLAYING Mark Pincus, founder of Zynga, says his game company is profitable. RMT

“It is clear this obsession with FarmVille is an issue, especially since it is taking away time from studying and schoolwork,” Danielle Susi wrote this month in The Quad News, a student newspaper at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.Adults, too, are blaming their problems on FarmVille, an online game in which people must tend their virtual farms carefully. On blogs like FarmVille Freak (slogan: “I can’t stop watching my crops!”) and others, people share tips on fertilizer and complain about, for example, a spouse’s addiction.

An anonymous blogger who said she was pregnant wrote: “I was starving … and he told me I’d have to wait a few more minutes so he could HARVEST HIS RASPBERRIES! I waited … in the car and waited for his stupid raspberries to be harvested.”That there are actual farmers who spend less time on their crops is beside the point. FarmVille has quickly become the most popular application in the history of Facebook. More than 62 million people have signed up to play the game since it made its debut in June, with 22 million logging on at least once a day, according to Zynga, the company that brought FarmVille into the world.Crazes on Facebook seem to come in waves – remember sheep-throwing, Vampire Wars and lists of “25 Random Things About Me?” – but devotion to FarmVille has moved beyond the social network.

Players gather online to share homemade spreadsheets showing which crops will provide the greatest return on investment. YouTube is rife with musical odes to the game, including versions of its theme song. There is a “Farmville Art” movement, in which people arrange crops to resemble the Mona Lisa or Mr. Peanut. And many a promising dinner date has been cut short to harvest squash.“I can’t hang out with any of my friends without talk of apple fields and rice paddies,” said Taylor Lee Sivils, a student at the University of California, Riverside, in an e-mail message. “I have to wait for my friends’ soybeans to grow, because we can’t chill until they’ve been harvested. All I want is to be able to go back to talking about anything tangible, but FarmVille overcomes.”The game starts off simply: You are given land and seeds that can be planted, harvested and sold for online coins.

As you accrue currency, you can buy things, from basics like rice and pumpkin seeds to the truly superfluous, like elephants and hot-air balloons. Impatient players can use credit cards or a PayPal account to buy more money, although purists tend to frown on the practice.But like The Sims and Tamagotchi pets, FarmVille soon becomes less of a game than a Sisyphean baby-sitting assignment. Crops must be harvested in a timely fashion, cows must be milked, and social obligations – like exchanging gifts and fertilizing your neighbor’s pumpkins – must be met.

The game seems to have mesmerized people from all walks of life. Every night for the last two weeks, Jil Wrinkle, a 40-year-old medical transcriber in the Philippines, has set his alarm for 1:30 a.m., when he will wake up, roll over and harvest his blueberries. “I keep my laptop next to my bed,” he explained by phone. “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is harvest, then I harvest again at 10 in the morning, then again in midafternoon, then in the evening, and then again right before going to bed.”Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, said he had seen the craze firsthand among his students. “Just like Guitar Hero lets you feel a little like being a rock star – you get to pose and dance a little while you’re doing it – with FarmVille there is a real sense that you’re actually doing something that has a cause and effect,” he said. “The method of dragging food out of the ground and getting something for it is really satisfying.”FarmVille isn’t the only popular farm-theme game on Facebook.

MyFarm and FarmTown, which are made by different companies, also have huge followings. Some academics have gone so far as to suggest that their collective popularity points to a widespread yearning for the pastoral life.“The whole concept of ‘I’m sick of this modern, urban lifestyle, I wish I could just grow plants and vegetables and watch them grow,’ there is something very therapeutic about that,” said Philip Tan, director of the Singapore-M.I.T. Gambit Game Lab, a joint venture between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the government of Singapore to develop digital games. Of course, real-life farming is quite a bit messier and more dangerous than FarmVille (perhaps just one reason that FarmVille players outnumber actual farmers in the United States by more than 60 to 1). Yet some of the game’s biggest fans are farmers. “I was having all these deaths on the farm and hurting myself on a daily basis doing real farming,” said Donna Schoonover, of Schoonover Farm in Skagit County, Wash., who raises sheep, goats and Satin Angora rabbits (real ones!).

“This was a way to remind myself of the mythology of farming, and why I started farming in the first place.”Zynga, which is based in San Francisco, specializes in games that are easy to learn but hard to walk away from. It also makes Mafia Wars (25 million players) and Café World (24 million),Clock Hidden Camera, the second and third most popular games on Facebook, respectively. Mark Pincus, the founder and chief executive, said that Zynga earns money from advertising, sponsorships and players who buy in-game cash. Zynga has been profitable since 2007, he said.“It’s really the same formula that makes Facebook successful,” Mr. Pincus said, “the ability to connect with your friends, to express yourself, and to invest in the game.”FarmVille takes advantage of Facebook by allowing – nay, nagging – players to become “neighbors” with their friends, even those who have not joined the game.

Players can earn points by helping with their neighbors’ work. They can also irritate friends who don’t want to play FarmVille with endless notifications and invitations to join, which has led to a vocal backlash.Cropping up alongside fan blogs like Farmville Freak, which after just one month is getting 25,000 unique visitors a day, are Facebook groups for people who are tired of listening to their friends talk about their eggplants. On “I Hate FarmVille,” the largest of the anti-Farmville affinity groups on Facebook (it has more than 17,000 members), one person commented, “No, I will not give you a tree! No, I will not be your neighbor!”

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