Local News Web Site in Washington Will Start With

A planned Web site that will cover local news in Washington and its suburbs, created by some of the same people who started Politico,Cheap UGG Classic Mini Boots, will start off with a newsroom of about 50 people, according to people involved in the project – far more than the other local news start-ups around the country.

That is a big roll of the dice for Allbritton Communications, which also owns Politico and two Washington-area television channels – a broadcast channel and a 24-hour cable news channel. After already having taken on The Washington Post with Politico in one of its signature areas, national politics, Allbritton wants to compete with The Post in another, local news. But it would still be outnumbered by The Post’s metropolitan staff.

The editor of the local news site will be Jim Brady, the former executive editor of washingtonpost.com, who stepped down from that job in January. With the sharp contraction in newsrooms – including The Post’s – there is no shortage of other accomplished journalists in the market for new jobs.

But so far, the project does not have a name, a Web address or a staff beyond Mr. Brady. The creators hope to begin operating in the spring.

Dozens of local and regional news sites have sprung up around the country in the last two years, many of them not-for-profits with philanthropic backing, but their staffs are nowhere near the size proposed here. Indeed, generally they have news staffs of fewer than 20 people, and many have fewer than 10. Allbritton’s new site, like Politico,ugg classic crochet, will be for-profit. And the company says it will pay competitive wages. RMT

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